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New Study Links Adolescent Cannabis Use With Decriminalization: Its 420 do you know where kids are?


One of the main arguments that opponents of cannabis legalization make has to do with it getting into the hands of young people. It’s a powerful argument. Even though many of us started experimenting with cannabis at a young age (and presumably turned out fine), in general, people on both sides agree that it isn’t for kids. There is good reason behind this and quite a bit of research that suggests regular cannabis use can be harmful to young people.

The argument that we should not legalize cannabis because it will lead to more young people using it has been largely unsubstantiated until recently. In fact a handful of studies done in the United States have even found the opposite to be true, showing declining use after the implementation of more liberal cannabis policies. Recently the first large scale international study of this issue was published and the findings are surprising.

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