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NorCal Cannabis Farmers Want to Buy the San Francisco 49ers?

Gold rush. Green rush. The team named after pioneers should be owned by pioneers. We know our Jim’s from our Jed’s. Help us buy the SF 49ers!

The Humboldt Underground representing Northern California cannabis farmers intend to buy the San Francisco 49ers. NorCal farmers have organized for cannabis legalization in 2016! Today we announce an auxiliary campaign to buy the Niners. It may be a Hail Mary but so was cannabis legalization at one point, so what the heck….

IMG_0075 2At one time, the 49ers were the best show on grass. Lately, they have forgotten their roots. If there are two things we understand up here in the Emerald Triangle, it’s grass and roots. We have created a winning reputation without the help of PR departments, yes men, and wealthy uncles (Eddie DeBartolo Jr.). We understand what it takes to be faithful to a cause.

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