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Living Soil: Why keeping soil alive is paramount


Seth from the BLC with a handful of Biochar

Most of us remember when growing cannabis indoors was the name of the game. It seemed everyone had an indoor set-up. Hydro was king. Most grow-rooms resembled sterile labs with bottles of fertilizer and pesticides lining the walls. Soil was almost nonexistent. Perlite, rockwool, and, hydroton were the mediums of choice. If soil was used, it was often discarded after one use, as if it had gone bad.

Thankfully times have changed. As cannabis prohibition comes to an end, emerald triangle cannabis farmers are moving back toward their farming roots. With legalization on the horizon, and faced with what most feel is an impending battle with “big marijuana,” emerald cannabis farmers are attempting to find a niche.

Most agree that it’s not going to be possible to compete in an economy of scale with big marijuana. Therefore the name of the game becomes quality and environmentally friendly small batch product. This is how small farmers across the globe have carved out a living for themselves. Small farm movements have proven that consumers will support farmers who use environmentally friendly practices to produce high quality product.

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This Week in Humboldt Cannabis News History: Robbers fire AK-47 at police during high-speed chase!


Photo of an AK-47 provided by By Allatur, CC BY-SA 3.0 via wikipedia.com

Originally reported May 13th 2009 in the Eureka Times Standard, a high-speed chase took place after a black market cannabis deal gone wrong. The chase ended in shots fired from an AK-47, one-man shot in the face (still alive), and one man dead. The scary incident began in McKinlyeville (CA) and ended on State Route 299 somewhere between Blue Lake and Willow Creek.

According to police, eight people met to exchange 14 pounds. Two of the individuals were buyers, 19 and 21 years old. Pulling an Ak-47 and a handgun, the buyers ordered the sellers to the ground while they stole the 14 pounds.

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Whatever Happened to 4/20 at Redwood Park?


Photo by Bob Doran – Follow him on Facebook or Instagram

With April gone – 4/20 in the past – and nothing but hazy memories left, Humboldt Underground staff began to contemplate the “holiday.” We’ve all heard of its 1970’s origin: five Waldos from San Rafael High, athletes who met after practice everyday at 4:20pm to look for a secret abandoned garden near Point Reyes, blazing joints all the while. We know this now popularized origin and we have grown up with its inference. We all jokingly show each other our clocks (phones) when its 4:20pm, laugh, and move on with our day.

Here in Humboldt County, most feel like its always 4/20 (or 4:20pm), no big deal. Yet, nationally 4/20 is a serious holiday. Like turkey on Thanksgiving, weed is big business on 4/20. Some estimate that cannabis sales increase 20% to 25% from April 17th to the 20th. That’s tens of millions of dollars, which is no laughing matter when it comes to business. Throw in tax revenue and 4/20, as a holiday, is big business for areas that can capitalize.

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The Underground Gaze

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This week The Underground Gaze selected a photo of indoor San Fernando Valley OG Kush submitted by an unknown source:

SFV OG happy halloween

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NFL: Why Not Change Policy on Cannabis Use?


Photo by Teo’s89 via wikipedia.org

The Super Bowl is over. Played next to the counter culture hub of the world, San Francisco, and won by the team representing the friendliest cannabis city in the world, Denver – weed was apart of the party. Yet, as many partook, NFL players are still not allowed to use cannabis. Team ownership and the NFL regularly test for THC. The permitted threshold for THC is 35 nanograms per milliliter of urine. This is an effective ban on cannabis use, as anything but a one time use would result in a failing test.

Given the Super Bowl is fresh in everyone’s mind, its a good opportunity to examine the NFL as a case study representing the misconceptions of the plant. Seen as a drug detrimental to players, cannabis use is strongly discouraged. Lately the NFL has faced flak from cannabis advocacy groups for the harsh punishment incurred by players using the plant. While the plant normalizes nationally, the NFL seems stuck in the past.

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