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This Week in Humboldt Cannabis News History: Robbers fire AK-47 at police during high-speed chase!


Photo of an AK-47 provided by By Allatur, CC BY-SA 3.0 via wikipedia.com

Originally reported May 13th 2009 in the Eureka Times Standard, a high-speed chase took place after a black market cannabis deal gone wrong. The chase ended in shots fired from an AK-47, one-man shot in the face (still alive), and one man dead. The scary incident began in McKinlyeville (CA) and ended on State Route 299 somewhere between Blue Lake and Willow Creek.

According to police, eight people met to exchange 14 pounds. Two of the individuals were buyers, 19 and 21 years old. Pulling an Ak-47 and a handgun, the buyers ordered the sellers to the ground while they stole the 14 pounds.

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