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New Research Debunks Hair Drug Testing for THC


Rubbing shoulders with knowledge driven Professors often bares fruit for us toiling outside of academia. Sometimes when strong relationships are forged, nugs of knowledge are passed our way. They remind us that our current conception of the world might be a tad off; and that’s what this new research from Scientific Reports demonstrates.

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Can cannabis save meth and heroin users?


Humboldt County has a drug problem. Most people would agree with this but if you don’t believe me read the North Coast Journal’s excellent two part series on addiction last month. It pretty well establishes that meth and opiate based drugs like heroin and oxy are a big problem around here. Alternately, if more hands on evidence is what you’re looking for, just walk around downtown Eureka or Arcata. The piece in the NCJ outlined different treatment and support options available in Humboldt, as well as different treatment philosophies. It was while perusing the section on harm reduction that I came across something interesting: the idea of getting a meth user to replace meth with cannabis. This sounds too good to be true – can people replace harmful drug use (meth, heroin, pain pills) with less harmful drug use (cannabis)? The answer is… it’s complicated.

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