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The Underground Review

IMG_0072It’s been awhile but we’re back with another addition of the Underground Review. Here at HU we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. As cannabis normalization marches into the New Year, we are taking a fresh look at what legalization means, how (sometimes if) it should be implemented, and what identity and role HU will take moving forward. When we first started the Humboldt Underground we held an ideological view born out of the chaotic medical cannabis grey market of California. Our ideological hope was for bolstering the status quo of medical marijuana through legalization (which is happening to an extent).

We thought, and still think, the current non-profit cooperative/collective model is revolutionary – it decentralizes cultivation and sale of cannabis while holding mainstream big business (and investment) at bay (albeit it makes the industry difficult to regulate). Nonetheless, this ideological hope inevitably met the material reality of western socio-political and socio-economic systems. With the passage of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), the current cooperative/collective model is set to expire one year from a date the yet to be created Board of Medical Marijuana Regulation (BMMR) makes an announcement to this end. For profit medical cannabis sales will began January 1, 2018 and all sellers and producers will have to obtain state issued licenses (more info here). This new act, combined with potential legalization in 2016, has sent Northern California into a stir.

IMG_0314 2In local headlines just last week, the day after the State of the Union address, directly above a picture of Obama waving from the podium, you guessed it: weed, cultivation ordinance tension to be specific. In the shadow of MMRSA and in the headlights of legalization, city and county governments have been tasked with facing the proverbial elephant-in-the-room and bringing the cannabis industry into the light. Currently they have until March 1, 2016 to establish local guidelines (although this date is expected to be amended). This has sent local governments into frenzy, with many opting to ban all sale and cultivation in a hasty bid for time to contemplate legal weed. In Humboldt, CCVH has given the county a head start (thumbs up) and Humboldt (including the Emerald Triangle) seems to be further along than the rest of the state (as we should be). However, this doesn’t make the process any easier.

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Renewing Your 215? Do New Laws Make It More Difficult?


Photo provided by Blausen.com via wikipedia.com

It’s the New Year. 2016! The year California is supposed to legalize cannabis! It’s also the year new medical marijuana law – MMRSA – goes into effect. Here at HU, several of us need to renew our Prop 215 recommendation, which got us thinking… We’ve spent so much time researching the way MMRSA affects cultivation that we paved over what these new laws mean to safe access. Basically, is it more difficult to obtain our recommendation this year?

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CA Medical Cannabis Farmers: Should I get a License?


The game has changed, at least on paper… After years of uncertainty, California has passed much anticipated medical cannabis oversight. California’s government will finally attempt to regulate its cannabis industry. The new laws impact many people in many ways…

For government officials, the newly passed Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act (MMRSA) reduces harms, woo’s voters, and makes headlines. For consumers, risks are minimized, options are made available, yet, not much is new. For advocates, abusive punitive justice is reduced, environmental impacts can be mitigated, and safe access has been bolstered. For businessmen and businesswomen, a new market has emerged; money is to be made and business-as-usual. For police, boundaries are defined, new challenges have emerged, and a page has been turned.

But what do these new laws mean to the people who have provided cannabis over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years? It’s a hot topic within the cannabis community. Everyone is trying to make sense of it all. Is this real? Is it time? Should I get a license? What are the risks? What are the incentives? What do I need to do to comply? Where do I start?

Essentially, for those who make up Northern Cali’s cannabis industry (namely farmers from the Emerald Triangle), this boils down to one question: what does MMRSA mean to me? The following will attempt to inform those asking this question. First, we’ll overview the laws, then look at the different types of licenses, determine what it takes to become compliant, and look at deadlines and incentives.

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The Underground Gaze

The Underground Gaze posts the top photo(s) members and readers submit. All photos are submitted anonymously…

This week The Underground Gaze selected a photo of indoor Cherry Pie submitted by an unknown source:

CHerry Pie _ merry xmas

If you’d like to show off, send us a pic… anonymously of course… humboldtundergroundblog@gmail.com

NorCal Cannabis Farmers look to Hire Hip-Hop Artist to Promote Brand

“The green grow good on the hill up in Garberville” B-Legit with Berner in Purp

“I heard they legalized reefer, why go to Costa Rica when we can chief in Eureka, vegetation, I heard they have the best chiva, cannabis sativa is way up here in Mendacina (Mendocino reference).” E-40 Ft: Cousin Fik and Droop-E in Mary Jane

Everyone knows NorCal is home to the world’s best weed. With cannabis legalization on the horizon, and foreseeable regulation of weed advertising, NorCal cannabis farmers are attempting to think outside the box in order to market their product.

Just sitting in the hills amending soil, fine tuning nutrient teas, and tending to plants won’t cut it when cannabis goes legit. Farmers can no longer sit around while rappers and dispensaries have all the fun…

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