Humboldt Celebrates Newest Cannabis Holiday

Dab w Lost Coast Extracts

Did you know tomorrow is a cannabis holiday? Yes July 10th? It’s the national hash holiday… Why would July 10th be a cannabis holiday? Well because 7/10 upside down spells oil – its kind of like pager code if anyone can remember that besides myself.

Yes, dabs have been the rage since the early 2010’s. Dabs are essentially concentrated hash. To create “dab-able” concentrates producer’s pull out just the resin and THC from the plant. Dab-able concentrates include oil, honeycomb, crumble, shatter, and budder. But by far the most popular is oil hence 7/10 – oil upside down – and our newest cannabis holiday.

For more information check out this article and info-graph by Weed Maps from the Weed Blog.

So how can you celebrate this holiday you ask? Trim Scene Solutions and the Casual Crop Exchange have you covered!

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Ed’s Interview with World Renowned Horticulturalist and Author Jorge Cervantes

Check out Ed’s interview with Jorge Cervantes in the Emerald Magazine!

Special thanks to Mr. Cervantes and Emerald Magazine!

The Life and Career of Renown Horticulturist and Author Jorge Cervantes

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The Underground Gaze

The Underground Gaze posts the top photo(s) members and readers submit. All photos are submitted anonymously…

This week The Underground Gaze selected a photo of light dep OG Kush from the Fruitland area of Humboldt County. Submitted by an unknown source:


If you’d like to show off, send us a pic… anonymously of course…

Technological Advancements in Humboldt County Cannabis Farming

Check out Ed’s new piece in Cannabis Now Magazine:

Technological Innovations in Marijuana Grows:



This Week in Humboldt Cannabis News History: Decoy house nets 12,000 plant indoor bust

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Originally reported June 25th 1998 in the Eureka Times Standard, a raid by the DEA in conjunction with the now defunct Humboldt County Drug Enforcement Unit netted 12,448 cannabis plants. Most interesting, the grow – located on a ridge near Berry Summit – was disguised to look like a family home.

Outside, planter boxes with fake flowers hung beneath fake windows, children’s toys and a trampoline strewn throughout the yard, and balconies with fake ornamental trees. However, inside, no rooms, no kitchen, no bathrooms, no windows, just three stories (nursery upstairs) with 250 (what appear to be) thousand watt lights hung over raised beds of 9,594 plants – in an adjacent building another 30 lights and 2,854 plants. The whole facility power by a pick up truck sized 125-kilowatt diesel generator – enough to “easily power a whole neighborhood” as Sheriff Steve Knight said. As always seems the case – whether fact or police generated – the generator was leaking fuel into a nearby creek.

Knight stated that authorities became suspicious of the building after 5,000 plants were discovered on nearby Forest Service land the previous year. A previous helicopter patrol gave authorities the evidence they needed for a search warrant but no details were divulged.

Knight disclosed his thoughts on the motive for growing indoors. He said the reason the facility had been constructed was due to “pressure [authorities] put on outdoor [operations].” He said growers “are going indoors.”

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