With Raid and Eradication of Good Faith Medical Cannabis Farm Local Authorities Working with CAMP Send Message: “Don’t try to work with government yet”


image via wikipedia.com

The Humboldt County Sheriff Department working with CAMP (the federal Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) have set the tone for cannabis farms trying to become compliant. Despite strong efforts by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff Department will not recognize good faith effort toward compliance.

As originally reported by Kym Kemp, a medical cannabis farm growing high CBD, non-psycho active varieties used to treat epilepsy and cancer patients, has been raided by the Humboldt County Sheriff Department working with CAMP. No one was arrested but all medical plants have been eradicated, chopped down, and hauled away – leaving many potential patients without medicine.

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Skip Reggae On The River This Year


Several local news outlets including the North Coast Journal, Lost Coast Outpost, and the Mad River Union have reported that Jamaican reggae artist and outspoken homophobe Sizzla will be headlining this weekends Reggae on the River Festival in Sohum. Sizzla is well known for his violent anti LGBT lyrics. I think it’s fair to say that intentionally promoting violence against the LGBT community goes against some people’s values here in Humboldt. Naturally this has begun to stir up some local controversy.

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Underground Gaze: Light Dep, OG 78, High CBD

The Underground Gaze posts the top photo(s) members and readers submit. All photos are submitted anonymously…

This week The Underground Gaze selected a photo of light dep OG Kush 78 (high CBD) from the northern area of Humboldt County. Submitted by an unknown source:


If you’d like to show off, send us a pic… anonymously of course… humboldtundergroundblog@gmail.com

Living Soil: Why keeping soil alive is paramount


Seth from the BLC with a handful of Biochar

Most of us remember when growing cannabis indoors was the name of the game. It seemed everyone had an indoor set-up. Hydro was king. Most grow-rooms resembled sterile labs with bottles of fertilizer and pesticides lining the walls. Soil was almost nonexistent. Perlite, rockwool, and, hydroton were the mediums of choice. If soil was used, it was often discarded after one use, as if it had gone bad.

Thankfully times have changed. As cannabis prohibition comes to an end, emerald triangle cannabis farmers are moving back toward their farming roots. With legalization on the horizon, and faced with what most feel is an impending battle with “big marijuana,” emerald cannabis farmers are attempting to find a niche.

Most agree that it’s not going to be possible to compete in an economy of scale with big marijuana. Therefore the name of the game becomes quality and environmentally friendly small batch product. This is how small farmers across the globe have carved out a living for themselves. Small farm movements have proven that consumers will support farmers who use environmentally friendly practices to produce high quality product.

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