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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this site with us! I can’t wait to connect with you again 🙂


  3. hello I don’t know what or where Humboldt is but I hope its better than where I’m at

    I’m a gulf war era vet with no connects in the Connecticut area I know there is likely a vibrant under ground movement but I have no idea how to make contact without some help from the existing network

    I think the underground movement may grow bigger even with legalization just like in Washington more gets done at the back door then anywhere else

    I am sitting here wishing I could burn some up but do to my disability I can’t get around as it extends to financial ability as well

    someone needs to start a cooperative that is like a club where you pay as you go for a membership and once the membership is paid then you get full access

    in the beginning its just maybe discounted product then as you become familiar with the customs of the club

    all club members are volunteers so each place that eventually has like a nights of Columbus building that grows and services the market as a whole growing packaging distributing for medical only

    I think the reason why its been so difficult to become recognized is because of the recreational stigma generated

    as to some extent recreational is not as justifiable of a reason for use as with me I have 19 orthopedic injuries to my body insomnia eating disorder and P.T.S.D so mine is medical for sure

    plus as an organic medical concept it can’t be matched or surpassed for its dependability hey contact me if you know anyone on the east coast looking for help with their grow hope its quiet and secret then I can disappear once in awhile and help other Vets and patients like myself 475-282-4693 Peace



    How much do the polls state licenses cost what is the application fee and license me that is proposed pour a commercial cannabis farm?


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  6. Looking to try your good herb


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