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The 1st Annual Humboldt County Cup

Come celebrate the industry. The 1st annual Humboldt County Cup! Music, food, and the worlds best cannabis!

The Humboldt Underground is in the process of judging more than 100 entries. Winners will be crowned Saturday!


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Dispatches from the Old Man in the Hills

Through cannabis prohibition many strong, defiant, and boundless individuals have adopted ideologies that reflect their situation. Here in Humboldt and greater Northern California, the Wild West still exists. Many have flourished without help from the government or mainstream America. Roots are strong and networks are entrenched. The old timers are superbly united with their principles – as they fittingly should be. The corner-of-the-world they have carved out for themselves is threatened. These more-then-mysterious men and women walk the line between Bukowski and Thoreau – they hold a flame like terriers on the prowl. They represent America’s counter culture… That said, the Humboldt Underground would like to introduce: the old man in the hills…

The views and opinions expressed by the old man in the hills do not reflect the views and opinions of the Humboldt Underground. HU feels obligated to provide a voice for all in our community. Our goal is to move the conversation forward and all points-of-view are legitimate (unless hateful or discriminatory). Every voice in our community deserves to be heard.

wrong question carpetbaggers

i have been here awhile and have seen the trends…. people complain about the carpetbaggers coming to ruin our lives and our livelihood but I say to you it’s already happened… i remember the days when folks would come to town to buy weed and they would ask two questions is it organic? is it indoor or outdoor? These are the only questions that matter but now the only thing anyone asks is what strain is it?

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Hempstalk Project: Donate your Cannabis Stalks!

Hemp Fest poster_small

Comments for Humboldt County Planning and Board of Supervisors

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin and member of the UN office of Drug’s and Crime, supports medical cannabis and drug reform!

In Humboldt an ideological shift must take place. After decades of criminalizing cannabis farmers, we have a chance to take a holistic approach to medical cannabis regulation. Humboldt County’s Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance can mark this shift if our Planning Department and Board of Supervisors utilize contemporary ideologies regarding the plant. We’re beginning to find out that cannabinoids promote homeostasis within our bodies, for Humboldt County – providing that a holistic cannabis policy is implemented – we can promote homeostasis within our community. Wedges have been driven for too long. As Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic and a member of the UN Office of Drugs and Crime calls on all governments to Stop the Harm (also the title of his drug policy reform campaign), so does the Humboldt Underground!

Branson leaked a UN report calling on all governments to end punitive drug policy. In his article – Finally – a Change in Course on Drug Policy – he writes:

As the UN General Assembly gears up for the first drug debate in 18 years next April, I hope this groundbreaking news will empower and embolden governments everywhere … to do the right thing and consider a different course on drug policy. In the face of overwhelming evidence, UN expert opinion, and international human rights law, it’s not decriminalization that “sends the wrong message” – it’s the continued refusal to engage, review or discuss reform.

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