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Staff and Contributor: Talon Trujill

Talon has lived and worked in Humboldt for the last 8 years. Originally coming here to pursue an education at Humboldt State University, Talon was awarded a BA in Communication and an MA in Sociology. His masters thesis focused on cannabis policy and the media. Talon has worked in the community since graduation in 2011.

Staff and Contributor: Ed Huddon


Ed has been a community member, student, gardner, farmer, entrepreneur, connoisseur, and ambassador of Humboldt County since 2007 and Northern California his whole life. Ed came to Humboldt County in 2007 to play football at Humboldt State University. After a severe neck and shoulder injury ended Ed’s collegiate football career, Ed became a medical cannabis patient to alleviate pain and relax his inflamed muscles. Despite the end of his football career Ed continued his studies eventually obtaining a Bachelor degree in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. Combining an independent/entrepreneurial spirit with knowledge gained working off seasons as a gardner/landscaper, Ed began [more to come]

In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (with a minor in Business Management), Ed obtained his Masters of Arts in Sociology from Humboldt State University. His thesis work was focused on cannabis in the media.