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Should Humboldt Growers Unionize?

Check out my new piece for the Ganjier:

Humboldt Cannabis Union Aims to Defend Current & Future LaborBrianShields4.jpg


How to Judge Weed

So we had a lot of fun judging the first annual Humboldt County Cup, check out Talon’s piece for the Lost Coast Outpost read all about it here:

Bud, Edibles and Concentrate! I Was a Judge at the Humboldt County Cup



The Underground Gaze: Special Edition

The Underground Gaze posts the top photos, articles, art, poetry, etc submitted by members. All entries are submitted anonymously.

This week: The Underground Gaze has has a special edition…

A story was anonymously submitted to HU and we decided to submit it to Emerald Magazine. They liked it so much it was selected for their My Bust section! We hope you like it as much as we did. Check out the September edition of Emerald Magazine – available now!

Check it out (click here)!

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