Humboldt Celebrates Newest Cannabis Holiday

Dab w Lost Coast Extracts

Did you know tomorrow is a cannabis holiday? Yes July 10th? It’s the national hash holiday… Why would July 10th be a cannabis holiday? Well because 7/10 upside down spells oil – its kind of like pager code if anyone can remember that besides myself.

Yes, dabs have been the rage since the early 2010’s. Dabs are essentially concentrated hash. To create “dab-able” concentrates producer’s pull out just the resin and THC from the plant. Dab-able concentrates include oil, honeycomb, crumble, shatter, and budder. But by far the most popular is oil hence 7/10 – oil upside down – and our newest cannabis holiday.

For more information check out this article and info-graph by Weed Maps from the Weed Blog.

So how can you celebrate this holiday you ask? Trim Scene Solutions and the Casual Crop Exchange have you covered!

Via Humboldt Local Inc and Trim Scene Solutions:


  • On Sunday, July 10th, Humboldt Local, Inc., and Trim Scene Solutions present the 710 Oil Spill and Casual Crop eXchange at the Trim Scene Solutions store in Southern Humboldt. This 215 farmers market and concert is a celebration of our Emerald Triangle Medical Cannabis Community with music headliners Rocker-T and Dubsmashers. The market runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and music runs from 4:20 to 9 p.m. with DJ Chalice and Humboldt Hip Hop favorites the Mumu Crew opening, followed by dancehall legend Rocker-T with his positive vibes.

    The Casual Crop eXchange (215 farmers market) features extraction demos, educational speakers, trimming machine demos, great food, local craft artists, clothing vendors, a 215 doctor on site, and a concentrate and flower competition judged by attendees with a free dab bar! Plus live glass blowing demos and local non-profit booths. All leftover meds from the competition will be donated to our Humboldt Local, Inc., compassionate care program for Seniors, Veterans and low income patients.

    Perhaps the most unique feature of the 710 Oil Spill is “Demo Row,” where a farmer in attendance can watch his or her own product get trimmed, kiefed and pressed with the most cutting edge equipment, all within the span of half an hour. This is especially valuable to the small farmer that may be considering making an investment in some big-ticket item, like a trimming machine or a rosin press, for example.

    Come join us and bring your 215 to shop and enjoy our community’s best crops of all kinds! The $5 entry fee will be donated to non-profit Humboldt Area Foundation. The 215 area is 21 and over. NO DOGS PLEASE. VIP access available. More information @trimscene.

    Keep it casual.


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