This Week in Humboldt Cannabis News History: Robbers fire AK-47 at police during high-speed chase!


Photo of an AK-47 provided by By Allatur, CC BY-SA 3.0 via

Originally reported May 13th 2009 in the Eureka Times Standard, a high-speed chase took place after a black market cannabis deal gone wrong. The chase ended in shots fired from an AK-47, one-man shot in the face (still alive), and one man dead. The scary incident began in McKinlyeville (CA) and ended on State Route 299 somewhere between Blue Lake and Willow Creek.

According to police, eight people met to exchange 14 pounds. Two of the individuals were buyers, 19 and 21 years old. Pulling an Ak-47 and a handgun, the buyers ordered the sellers to the ground while they stole the 14 pounds.

20090513ts(A1) 2Leaving the scene in a Jeep the young buyers-turned-robbers fired shots in the air. These shots were heard by residents and reported to the police. On Giuntoli Lane in Arcata (CA) another caller reported seeing the passenger of the Jeep waving a gun from the SUV.

A Sheriff located the Jeep on Route 299. He pursued the vehicle until back up arrived. Once backup had accumulated, the Sheriffs attempted to pull the Jeep over. At which point the Jeep accelerated and the Jeeps passenger fired the AK-47 assault rifle at the pursuing officers. Every time the Jeep made a right turn – creating a line of fire for the passenger – he would fire the rifle at police in pursuit.

In advance of the high-speed chase, CHP officers set up spike strips. The robbers drove directly over the strips firing at officers, hitting two of their cruisers.

Damaged, the Jeep drove over an embankment and rolled 130 feet down a hill. It was later established that the robbers did not slow or brake as they drove over the edge. As police convoyed, gearing up for a search, one of the robbers slowly climbed up the hill.

Once the suspect made his way over the embankment, becoming illumined by the headlights of the cruisers, police realized the suspect was wearing a bulletproof vest and was bleeding from a gunshot wound to his head. According to reports the gunshot wound was just under the mans chin, as if he intended to kill himself. He was airlifted to a hospital under police supervision.

The other robber was found dead inside the Jeep with a gunshot wound to the head. It was latter established that robbers had shot themselves because police had fired no shots during the incident.


(Correction) the robber who survived, was actually sent to jail for murdering the other robber.

*The data base of articles used to write this story was provided via the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research

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