Dispatches from the Old Man in the Hills (#2)


Taliban captive/accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl in Mendo visiting friends? Freeway Rick Ross pulled over in Sonoma headed for Humboldt with $100k, then his charges dropped? What’s going on in NorCal…? Northern California is quite the experience… The tolerant yet harsh Wild West boasts its host of characters. A mix of history and modernity, nature and industry, Hollywood and Haight Ashbury… Tinfoil hats are always in style… It can be a crazy place to live but if one can stay open to the ideas tossing around these towns, rivers, and hills; much can be gained. Staying open is key… Here at HU, we concentrate on digging to the root of knowledge. What seems crazy to some is just outside the box to another. Applying this lens to cannabis horticulture has culminated in a recipe for break through! Much like artists, musicians, and poets; egoless attention turned toward the cannabis plant has resulted in an expert cannabis culture. Art, ideology, and personal expression have historically interrelated with the cannabis plant. Cannabis aides creativity. Cannabis aides personal expression and personal expression aides cannabis horticulture; cannabis culture. This said, the Old Man in the Hills has graced us with another touch of knowledge. Cryptic yet tangible, what does his voice give the modern cannabis conversation? What can we learn from the past? What can we learn form the old men in the hills?

The views and opinions expressed by the old man in the hills do not reflect the views and opinions of the Humboldt Underground. HU feels obligated to provide a voice for all in our community. Our goal is to move the conversation forward and all points-of-view are legitimate (unless hateful or discriminatory). Every voice in our community deserves to be heard.

still water glass

reflecting clouds from a forgotten past

as Lines and Laws amass

i know Peace at last

the world’s seemingly vast

when watching from my mountain pass

as creeks dry and time passes by

life becomes an ever present lie

i watch the mad dash

away from Americas unknown tragic past

Agree with the old man in the hills? Disagree? Let him know what you think: email humboldtundergroundblog@gmail.com, subject line Re: old man. Give him a piece of your mind!

One response to “Dispatches from the Old Man in the Hills (#2)

  1. They all say this is the last run
    Next year it’s all over,gone and done
    But with winters pass they plant anew
    Dreaming of stacks of cash and Tahiti too
    While rivers dwindle and salmon die
    While trimmers trim poorly, pilfer and lie
    Where does it end, lord I hope it’s near
    Leagalize that shit, watch and hear
    The howling cries from near and far
    I’m making payments on a $50,000 car
    I’m broke and ruined I have nothing to show
    They legalized that shit …. Fuck ..
    back to moms house is where I go .

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