NorCal Cannabis Farmers look to Hire Hip-Hop Artist to Promote Brand

“The green grow good on the hill up in Garberville” B-Legit with Berner in Purp

“I heard they legalized reefer, why go to Costa Rica when we can chief in Eureka, vegetation, I heard they have the best chiva, cannabis sativa is way up here in Mendacina (Mendocino reference).” E-40 Ft: Cousin Fik and Droop-E in Mary Jane

Everyone knows NorCal is home to the world’s best weed. With cannabis legalization on the horizon, and foreseeable regulation of weed advertising, NorCal cannabis farmers are attempting to think outside the box in order to market their product.

Just sitting in the hills amending soil, fine tuning nutrient teas, and tending to plants won’t cut it when cannabis goes legit. Farmers can no longer sit around while rappers and dispensaries have all the fun…

It’s been rumored that organized growers out of the Emerald Triangle are in search of hip-hop artists to help market NorCal’s primo cannabis. The goal is to increase brand placement in the lyrics of popular hip-hop artists (see above examples).

They seem to be on to something, these are not dumb growers. Gad Saad Ph.d explains that rappers use high-status luxury brands as a form of lekking behavior. He notes, “not surprising from an evolutionary perspective, men sing about their social status and/or their financial resources, given that women possess a universal preference for high-status men.” Given this, and the fact that NorCal cannabis is highest status weed in the world, growers might have hit the nail on the head.

Additionally, new academic research suggests that brand placement in songs is an emerging marketing trend. Consumers experiencing advertising overload often avoid adverts all together. However, when an advert is placed in a lyric, consumers are more apt to take notice.

Keep an ear out to see if this strategy is successful. Humboldt Underground staff will keep an ear out for more rumors on the subject. Email if you hear anything…

Anything is possible if we organize!

See you at the Humboldt County Cup!


Guerrilla Humor: a semi-surrealist exercise in thinking outside the box. Busting down boundaries while offering insights/ideas: creativity.

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