NorCal Cannabis Farmers Want to Buy the San Francisco 49ers?

Gold rush. Green rush. The team named after pioneers should be owned by pioneers. We know our Jim’s from our Jed’s. Help us buy the SF 49ers!

The Humboldt Underground representing Northern California cannabis farmers intend to buy the San Francisco 49ers. NorCal farmers have organized for cannabis legalization in 2016! Today we announce an auxiliary campaign to buy the Niners. It may be a Hail Mary but so was cannabis legalization at one point, so what the heck….

IMG_0075 2At one time, the 49ers were the best show on grass. Lately, they have forgotten their roots. If there are two things we understand up here in the Emerald Triangle, it’s grass and roots. We have created a winning reputation without the help of PR departments, yes men, and wealthy uncles (Eddie DeBartolo Jr.). We understand what it takes to be faithful to a cause.

We give Jed York and crew a bid of no confidence… Ego and profit have trumped quality and product. We’ve signed the petition and now its time to act.

IMG_0076We see an NFL owners’ job as similar to a farmers’ job. It’s about cultivating an environment where players (i.e. plants) can grow and become quality and productive. Yield has a direct correlation with a fertile foundation. Organic growth is paramount.

In addition, NorCal Cannabis farmers know how to handle negative headlines. Media scrutiny only brings us closer. Our focus is always on a quality product; we won’t be distracted (we won’t take to twitter on Thanksgiving i.e. Jed, ‘loose lips sink ships’). We will not allow the media to distract us. Quality can be expected; we handle adversity.

Creating a winning formula often starts with establishing a product in the its natural environment. Here in the cannabis friendly regions of Northern CA we keep our product where it thrives. We won’t sell out and move to corporate friendly locations, even if its 50 miles down the road. Our roots stay grounded.

Much like stakeholders in cannabis legalization, we know what it takes to work with diverse and oft-eccentric personality types. We will not turn on our own. We will not part ways with quality individuals over personality differences.

Unlike Mr. York, the game wasn’t handed to us. We fought tooth and nail. Now the whole world wants be on our team, we know what it takes to win (and win with class, whatever that means)! We do our job. Handle adversity. Stay humble. And, as can be expected of CA cannabis legalization in 2016: we will win!

We are raising $4.20 billion. That is two billion more than the team’s worth, and therefore makes the deal irrefutable to the York’s. After all, they inherited the team and making money seems to be their goal, not creating a quality product.

If the York’s refuse our deal, we have a Plan B. We will donate the money to charity. The money will be donated to a combination of environmental, social, and legalization causes. Email the with suggestions.

It’s been reported that some 60% of NFL players use cannabis, so lets finally bridge the gap… Even if we fail, at least the money will go to a good cause…

Anything can be done if we organize!


Guerrilla Humor: a semi-surrealist exercise in thinking outside the box. Busting down boundaries while offering insights/ideas: creativity.

9 responses to “NorCal Cannabis Farmers Want to Buy the San Francisco 49ers?

  1. Yes, but are the 49ers for sale?


  2. If they refuse to sell, use the funds to create a new team instead?


  3. Lost Coast Crusaders or Emerald Triangle Haze


  4. I’m so in. Niner fan since ’66. Mendo dirtbag since ’82. Yea, I’m old. We would revolutionize the NFL in oh so many ways. Hemp uniforms etc. the San Francisco 420ers has a ring to it huh?

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  5. Humbolt harvesters is a cool name

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  6. Humbolt harvesters


  7. Where are you all from again? Living in Southern Humboldt, where our tax dollars don’t go back to our schools, hospitals, sidewalks, and necessary police presents because of high crime rate. Our water sources need to be saved, our schools are not up to standard, our hospitals need funding. I’m watching our small community being sold out to people that are profiting off of the Humboldt brand and you want to raise $4.2 billion to buy the 49ers? How about giving back to the community, and help try to save it before it’s completely destroyed? Southern Humboldt will not survive. Maybe after we fix our backyard, that is creating billions of dollars for farmers that haven’t been in Humboldt that long, we can think bigger, like buying the 49ers!!! Until then, my children that have lived in this area longer than you, need basic resources,such as a decent education. Forever Faithful! If your community, let’s get it, and be on the same team!
    Catrina Chavez- Redway Elementary PTSA
    Event coordinator for local fundraisers of our community
    Resident of Southern Humboldt since 1977


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