Farmers must go to Market: SF Bay Area’s potential $200 Million+ Cannabis Market


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In the Golden State, weed is a big deal. As the state embraces legal weed, there are going to be some big changes – a new set of rules for those who wish to make the leap from under-the-table to aboveboard. One definite change will be buyers – i.e. whom can buy and sell weed.

Nowadays, the way it’s supposed to work is farmers provide medicine to collectives where it is dispensed to members for a fee. The farmer is reimbursed for expenses incurred from growing the cannabis including labor, maintenance, and land costs. For years the process has been unspoken, a secret, or you know (wink)?

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Emerald Triangle, Napa Valley, and Silicon Valley: Soil/Geology and Climate


Over the past few months we’ve embarked upon a series comparing the emergence of Silicon Valley’s tech industry, Napa County’s wine industry, and Humboldt County’s cannabis industry. We’ve all heard comparisons like these:

“Humboldt County grows some of the finest cannabis in the world… [which] could lead to a booming niche marijuana market, the type that would make the county what Napa is to wine.” –The Revolution Starts Here by Thadeus Greeson in The North Coast Journal

“… we are the ‘Silicon Valley’ of cannabis… we have a great deal of knowledgeable people living here – a pool of people who would be useful to draw upon for information about growing.” – Welcome to Pot City! by Kym Kemp in The North Coast Journal

It’s common to hear Emerald Triangle compared to these regions and their respective industries. Humboldt County has a long-standing reputation for being home to some of the world’s best cannabis. Hearing this comparison we decided to delve a little deeper, we decided research what led to the emergence of Silicon’s tech industry and Napa’s wine industry, and compare them to the emergence of Humboldt’s cannabis industry. We examined Napa and Silicon Valley as ideal types, conducting a meta-analysis to deduce potential variables that led to the rise of these industry epicenters.

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With Raid and Eradication of Good Faith Medical Cannabis Farm Local Authorities Working with CAMP Send Message: “Don’t try to work with government yet”


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The Humboldt County Sheriff Department working with CAMP (the federal Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) have set the tone for cannabis farms trying to become compliant. Despite strong efforts by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff Department will not recognize good faith effort toward compliance.

As originally reported by Kym Kemp, a medical cannabis farm growing high CBD, non-psycho active varieties used to treat epilepsy and cancer patients, has been raided by the Humboldt County Sheriff Department working with CAMP. No one was arrested but all medical plants have been eradicated, chopped down, and hauled away – leaving many potential patients without medicine.

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Skip Reggae On The River This Year


Several local news outlets including the North Coast Journal, Lost Coast Outpost, and the Mad River Union have reported that Jamaican reggae artist and outspoken homophobe Sizzla will be headlining this weekends Reggae on the River Festival in Sohum. Sizzla is well known for his violent anti LGBT lyrics. I think it’s fair to say that intentionally promoting violence against the LGBT community goes against some people’s values here in Humboldt. Naturally this has begun to stir up some local controversy.

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Underground Gaze: Light Dep, OG 78, High CBD

The Underground Gaze posts the top photo(s) members and readers submit. All photos are submitted anonymously…

This week The Underground Gaze selected a photo of light dep OG Kush 78 (high CBD) from the northern area of Humboldt County. Submitted by an unknown source:


If you’d like to show off, send us a pic… anonymously of course…